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With Maxco BD, taking your product to the global market is easy. We do all the work—and get paid only for success.

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We have the experience and marketing know-how. You have a great product. Together, we’ll make sure it’s sold in every possible market.

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Through our global network of distributors, we ensure your product reaches the large clientèle it deserves.

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We can help you define your strategy, acquaint you with local regulations, and discover your highest potential markets.

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Your Gateway to the World.

Maxco Business Development’s strength lies in locating optimal distribution channels in various countries. We specialize in, but are not limited to, engineering products. MBD recognizes the potential in smaller companies’ products and helps them gain a foothold in the global market.
With its multilingual team, MBD is attuned to the nuances of doing business with international partners around the world.

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Our professional team has some of the best marketing veterans in the business. We place our experience and passion at your service.

Herbert Maxwell



Goldie Wachsman Maxwell

Communications and Media Relations


Herbert Maxwell, CEO

Herbert Maxwell was trained as a textile engineer in Leicester, UK, and in that capacity, accrued vast experience in international sales. In addition to textile machinery, he has marketed a wide range of engineering products: refrigeration equipment, packaging solutions, automatic rim repair machinery, and composite unidirectional production equipment for the carbon fiber industry, among others. He has built solid relationships with clients in the EU, the USA, and the Middle East.

Goldie Wachsman Maxwell

Goldie Wachsman Maxwell has experience in technical writing, journalism, and public relations. She has worked as a project manager in the fields of nonproliferative nuclear energy, legislative affairs, and event design. She earned a BA in French and English literature, an MA in French literature, and is certified in public relations. She speaks three languages: English, French, and German.