In 2002 Tema International Srl of Genoa, Italy, partnered with MBD’s sister company, Maxcotema Exports Ltd., to increase sales of its machinery. Automotive products MBD promotes for Tema include EASY ROUND™, SpeedyRound EVO II™, and SpeedyRound PLUS™ for wheel and rim repair; TRT carbon-heated rollers for calender processing; and UDPrecise™ which currently produces unidirectional composite “dry” fabric at high speed.

The list of MBD’s multinational clients includes:

Rema Tip Top Ltd UK

Rimfix Ltd UK

Rema Tip Top Holland

Proveq Belgium

Wuerth Norway

Inventech Norway

Wuerth France

Carparts Sweden

Wuerth Denmark

AWA Austria

Gammatrade USA

International Tires Lebanon

Sanchez Pamplona Spain

Autofitt Hungary

Techplus Ireland

Coca Cola Middle East

Coca Cola UK